immagine Fiori di Bach per gli animali: cosa sono e come funzionano

Bach flowers for animals: what are they and how do they act/work

During the latest years, there have been various discussions on alternative medicines. In particular, many people tend to go for Bach flowers: a natural remedy both for us and for our animal

The number of owners using natural remedies in increasing. The ideal animals for Bach flower therapy are cats, dogs and horses, which have stress, depression, anxiety or phobias.

What are Bach flowers?fiori di bach animali

An English doctor called Edward Bach initially discovered Bach flowers. He believed that all physical ailment is the external manifestation of a negative thought felt internally such as sadness, rage or fear.

According to doctor Bach’s theory, all physical pain should be treated internally by healing heart and mind first. If we use regular medicine, on the other hand, we will be diverting form the main problem that not everybody is able to comprehend and observe.

This doctor was able to find some flowers that were able to reflect different personality traits and various negative emotions, reversing them to their positive correspondent. The floral remedies are actually made by the flowers the doctor has discovered. Now a day, we count 38.

How are these useful

Bach flowers act by synchronizing themselves with the mind of the patient, changing all of the bad and negative emotions or thoughts, without deleting them or hiding them. A person with low self-esteem, for example, might reconsider their looks and personality with this floral remedy.

Bach flowers are the ideal remedy for animals that suffer from psychosomatic problems. In other words, all of the conditions and diseases that do not have a specific cause. These are usually caused by stress, depression or anxiety.

In particular, these flowers can be used on animals in certain situations, such as:

  • Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety ;
  • Dogs with kennel syndrome ;
  • Depressed animals from the death or transfer of its owner or loved one;
  • Stressed animals because of a baby coming in the family or another animal uniting the family or moving house;
  • Animals that have experienced psychological or physical trauma;
  • Animals with phobias.
  • Bach flowers are especially indicated to face momentary inconveniences in your animal, for example
    • To overcome the fear of going to the vet for extremely sensitive animals ;
    • Release stress of a surgery ;
    • To overcome the fear of an aggression from another animal ;
    • To handle the difficult domestic partnership with another animal ;
    • To accept the long absence of an owner either for a trip or for work purposes ;
    • To overcome travels by car.                                                                   


gatto depressione fiori di bach

What remedy should i choose?

We must really evaluate the choice of the remedy either if you are an animal owner or if you are an expert. Each of the 38 types of Bach flower will affect different internal sectors in the body. Usually, a person who is familiar with this remedy will prescribe a flower only after a visit, to analyse the personality type and emotions in the patient.

It is clearly very difficult to analyse an animal’s personality and emotions. Therefore, we usually prefer to go for a particular floral remedy called the Rescue Remedy. This is a mixture of five different flowers, which are picked specifically for urgent situations such as severe stress, acute anxiety and deep depression.

How do we ingest them and what is the dosage

Bach flowers are sold diluted in water. To act properly, however, they must be mixed with a correct amount of brandy or vinegar (this will conserve the flowers)

On the other hand, you can buy the Rescue Remedy ready to use in a vial with dropper.

When in need, it is recommended to give your animal four droplets of this Rescue Remedy. These can be ingested with the dropper directly inside the animal’s mouth or on the tip of the tongue/ feet so they can lick it off themselves.

If depression, anxiety or stress are persistent and for a long period of time, you can use Bach flowers as a remedy and administer the solution two to three times a day.

We must also take into consideration that, some of the uneasiness experienced by our pet might also be an alarm signal for some other more serious problems. Therefore, before choosing the alternative natural medicine, make sure your animal is healthy by a visit to the vet.