Arriva il primo smartphone

The first smartphone for cats and dogs

All owners would like to step up their checks to make sure that their dog is safe, both inside and outside their house. From Motorola comes the first hi-tech collar that allows you to monitor all of his movements with a simple click.

The name of this device is Motorola Scout 5000, with the smaller version called the Scout 2500, designed especially for cats and small dogs. It represents an innovative middle ground between a smartphone and a GPS locator.

It should be applied to the dog's collar, on the front of the animal's neck, and is equipped with a long series of tools and services.

Among these, the most innovative is undoubtedly the one that allows you to record high-definition movies whenever you want, thanks to the presence of a wide-angle HD video camera.

The device is able to boast both a Wi-Fi connection and a 3G module, to be connected even outside the home.

Thanks to the GPS sensor, moreover, it is possible to easily locate an animal that often tends to move away from home, but you can also use it to find out what they do during their solitary walks.

Among the most curious services offered by the Scout 5000 and 2500, there is also the possibility of communicating directly with your pet thanks to short voice messages.

The launch price announced by Motorola is $ 199 for the Scout 5000 and $ 99 for the Scout 2500.

This is undoubtedly an excellent idea to always stay connected with your four-legged friend