immagine Perché il gatto beve dal rubinetto?

Why does my cat drink from the tap?

Those who live with a cat know very well what we are talking about. In fact, most cats have a curious passion for tap water, which pushes them to drink from the tap. It doesn't matter if it's a sink, a bidet or even the toilet, as long as it's fresh water. Let's find out the reasons for this unusual behaviour and evaluate possible remedies and alternatives to prevent this from happening.

As much as we can be horrified at the thought that of our tender cat into the toilet, we must however consider that the reasons that push him to do it are quite understandable. How many of us, in fact, would accept to drink every day from the same large basin full of water, just like they do with the bowl? It is true that the most scrupulous owners worry about washing it and replacing the water with a certain frequency, but it is always stagnant water.

gatto beve dalla ciotola


In addition, we must also think about the water temperature, especially in summer. When the heat outside is unbearable, there is nothing better than drinking a nice glass of fresh water, which our cats cannot do. Then you are wondering what they find pleasant in toiler water, which in any case remains stagnant, unless we flush the toilet. Simply, the ceramic with which the bathroom fixtures are made helps to keep the water fresher than the one in the basin.

Referring only to a behavioural point of view, we must consider that for cats that live on the street, running water can often help them avoid bad infections and diseases. Puddles, saucers and containers filled with water could hide germs, insects, strange animals and dirt inside them. Cats, although being clean and picky, sometimes fail to notice these dangers, facing serious problems.

This is one of the reasons why cats often prefer shallow bowls or tend to overturn basins to drink from the floor. By doing this, in fact, they can have a more complete view.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention a very important aspect: fun. Observing the water that flows with that pouring noise is a lot of fun, especially when he discovers that by approaching the paw the flow stops. This is why he sometimes spends whole minutes trying to figure out which devilry is hiding behind this curious contraption.

So let's summarize the most frequent reasons that push the cat to drink from taps and toilets:

  • They prefer running water to stagnant water
  • The water temperature is always cool
  • the water coming out of the tap is fun
  • can cool off their face, head and legs
  • Dangers may hide in stagnant water
  • bowl is not cleaned often enough
  • The bowl is located next to the litter box or food

    What can I do to teach him he should not drink tap water?

    Unlike other less acceptable behaviours, drinking from the tap is not that terrible. It is, in fact, an attitude that can be easily understood and resolved in a few moves. Here are the main ones:

    • Use transparent bowls to show him that there is nothing dangerous in the water
    • Choose shallow bowls
    • Wash the bowl often with neutral detergents
    • Change the water more often
    • Often add an ice cube to the bowl to refresh it and to stimulate it to drink
    • Place floating objects in the bowl to intrigue him
    • Use an electric drinking fountain

    In particular, we must dwell on the last point. The cat fountain is an excellent remedy, which often makes all other solutions superfluous. Numerous varieties of electric fountains are available on the market, which can run the water on a slightly inclined horizontal panel or even equipped with a small tap that brings the water down from above.

    Usually owners who choose to purchase a drinking fountain manage to solve the problem in no time, definitively abandoning the use of bowls. This practical remedy, in fact, contains the convenience of a container with the curiosity of running water. But that's not all, because almost all the models on the market are equipped with a filter that keeps the water always clean and purified

    In addition, the common bowls must be washed and refilled at least once a day, whilst the fountains require cane gatto bevono acqua fontanellaweekly maintenance, to remove hair and any impurities and to ensure a good functioning of the motor.