Your dogs kisses might have the same benefits as yogurt


vasetto di yogurtIn recent days, news has come from the United States that will undermine the firm beliefs of grandmothers and old aunts: a dog's kiss could have the same benefits as a yogurt. Researchers from the University of Arizona, who are studying in detail the consequences of dog’s kisses, support this theory.

According to the study, the saliva of a healthy dog ​​is absolutely unable to transmit any disease to us. That is not all. It would seem, in fact, that the bacteria present in the mouth and on the tongue of animals could have the same beneficial effects as a jar of yogurt.

These are called "probiotics", and include all live microorganisms naturally contained or added to food. Their function is above all to counteract "bad" bacteria, which very often lurk in our intestines due to the wrong diet and lifestyle. Yogurt, with its huge amount of lactic ferments that are very useful for the intestine and for the whole body.

Researchers were ready to show that the dog's tongue would actually be a great supplier of these helpful probiotics.

The research is still in progress. During the first phase, it will be mainly based on evaluating the results of a dogs kiss on the mouth of volunteers who are over 50 years old and therefore are more sensitive to the lack of "good" bacteria in the intestine. Participants will have to host a dog in their home for a period of about 3 months, accepting the kisses of the new four-legged tenants without resistance.

According to anthropologist Kim Kelly, any behavior that exists in nature does not occur by chance. Our relationship with animals, in particular with dogs, is also based on this principle. “No one has ever been able to really understand what this human-dog relationship consists and what makes us feel so good when dogs are around us. Is it just their tenderness and the fact that we love to pamper them, or is there more? ". These are the words of Kim Kelly, who is ready to show that our need to live with animals is linked above all to the advantages that we can derive from their proximity.

At this point, we just have to wait for the results of this test ... take a hint and kiss your pet!