Meowlingual, the translator to communicate with our cat

 How many of us would like to be able to decipher what our cats constantly say to us through voice, facial expression and body movements? From today we can do it, thanks to Meowlingual, the cat-human electronic translator.

The latest technological innovation comes directly from Japan, which will literally drive cat lovers all over the world crazy. It is called Meowlingual and has nothing to do with the famous Tamagotchi. It is a small device that can improve communication between the cat and its owners.

Meowlingual, in fact, would be able to recognize, interpret and translate the postures and attitudes of cats into our language, converting them into 21 different emotions. Moreover, this device is also designed to decipher the enigmatic facial expressions of our cats, "translating" them into 6 different moods.

That is not all. Meowlingual, in fact, could also help the owner to "speak" the cat's language, translating as many as 200 "human" words into the corresponding meows.

How does it work? Just bring it close to the cat, so that the machine can perfectly capture all of its eye , mouth and tail movement. As well as the whole body. 

Meowlingual is available online for $ 169, but is still sold out for the moment.