Italians love their pet: Astra research affirms it

The everyday news inform us of unpleasant situations regarding animals, mistreatment, abuse, and barbaric killings. It almost looks like some human being are unable to have some love and respect for our friends; fortunately, this is not the case for everyone. A recent study conducted by AstraRicerche for Agras Delic, on the relationship between "Us and pets" highlighted that 68% of Italians consider their pet as a member of the family. Concisely, our country can be included in the list of "good" while many other nations do not shine for humanity and respect for animals.

The President of AstraRicerche, Enrico Finzi explained: "68 percent of Italians, including non-owners of dogs and cats, declare that they know people for whom four-legged friends are in effect a family member”

They are treated "as if they were children, the pet becomes part of people's daily lives with a much higher level of interaction and affective involvement than those found in the past" .

Finzi went on to explain the in-depth analysis of the research conducted: "We are even witnessing a reversed relationship, based on the psychological and emotional assistance that animals provide to humans”.

Precisely because it is a fundamental manifestation of affection and care, the choice of pet food is addressed from the organoleptic point of view, to provide the same satisfaction and happiness that we derive from good food.

 At the same time, "the product must not only promote good health, but also contribute to maintain the psychophysical well-being of the animal”

In our homes, pets are treated with care and affection, the owners buy quality food for them, take them regularly for health checks to their trusted vet, fill the house with toys and accessories to make their life more comfortable and pleasant and they choose places for holidays where animals are allowed.

There are people who criticize these attitudes or find them ridiculous. Certainly, they are individuals with a low degree of moral depth, love in all its forms and respect for life. They clearly don’t appreciate the gift of having a pet in their life.