Alessandro, the male cat that wanted to breastfeed its kittens

An unbelievable story, the cat who wanted to breastfeed his babies to try to save them. It is not just another sad story of abandonment, but a real story that should make us think.

It was September 8, 2014, when a box containing a big surprise was found at the foot of a dumpster near the playground in Candiolo, in the province of Turin: a cat with her two babies. The usual unscrupulous people have seen fit to get rid of them, putting all three of them in a box to be thrown away, carelessly, next to yet another bin.

Volunteers did not waste time and immediately transported the unfortunates to the nearest veterinary clinic. The situation was not the best for the two little kittens, who were still too small to survive without adequate care. In spite of everything, the mother cat did everything to try to guarantee her children the love, warmth and nourishment they need. It never separates from them and stayed still in the box all the time, lovingly enduring their incessant need to feed.

Meanwhile, after several searches, local volunteers manage to find a family to take care of all three. Everything is ready for arrival in the new home. The three even have a name: Alessandra, the mother, with the little ones Sofia and Alberto.

sofia alberto gattini alessandro gatto mammo

When everything seems to be going for the best, that bad news arrives. The little ones keep meowing at the top of their lungs and one of them still seems too small, considering that kittens usually grow up day after day. The suspicion is that the mother cat is actually unable to produce enough milk for both of them, so the vet and the volunteers immediately check the breasts, to clarify the situation.

Normally a lactating cat is expected to have all the breasts bulky, but what they discover leaves everyone speechless. Not only is there a single breast that is more swollen, but it is also very red, with the nipple strongly irritated by the vain attempts of the young kittens to feed.

That is not all. Looking a little closer, they also discover that Alessandra is actually Alessandro. An adult male cat who has dedicated whole days and nights looking after two unfortunate kittens, trying to save them with his own care and love. Although he had no food to offer them, he endured with great patience the babies clinging to his nipples, biting them and causing wounds.

The little ones are immediately entrusted to a volunteer, who takes care of feeding them with bottles and artificial milk for several days. Unfortunately, however, despite everyone's care and commitment, especially from Alessandro, Sofia and Alberto couldn’t make it because of various infections at a very young age.

This story surprised everyone. Alessandro is fine today, he has found a family that takes care of him and loves him, and has undoubtedly become the most famous male mom cat in Italy.